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"Providing House Cleaning Services for More Than 8 Years!"

Construction: After The Mess, We Clean Up For Success!

Let’s face it, everyone wants to have a lovely home or building! That is why no matter how satisfied we are with our current setup on how things look, eventually, we’ll find ways to make our space look and feel better.

It may take a few months or years to plan how we would want our new space to look. But along with the planning, surely we will need to hire people who’ll do the construction or improvements for us.

And after all the construction and improvements are done, we are left with a huge mess that needs to be cleaned up right away. In order to showcase the beauty of the newly constructed space, we need the help of the right people to do high-quality cleaning for us.

What a convenience it would be if we could only find the most trusted professional cleaning service that will do all the work for us! So that we can have more time for ourselves and do other important things that we need to fulfill.

If you happen to be looking for the most capable hands to clean up the construction that was done to renovate your space, then worry no more because Maid in Paradise is the most trusted and leading provider for post-construction clean up in Florida.

Whether you’re working on a remodeling project or just doing some renovations for your residence, we’ve got you covered!

Maid in Paradise helps you get rid of dust and debris that has become too overwhelming from all the construction done. With the magic touch of our professional cleaners, we’ll guarantee that everything will return to their original state or become much better when we’re done with them.

Debris and all other types of dirt are unavoidable throughout any renovation project. Even though renovation experts perform a basic cleanup, a professional cleaning company does the work meticulously.

Usually, what is left behind are various residues from the renovation done but Maid in Paradise has all the necessary equipment to remove the traces of a recent remodeling project.

The typical scene for clean up includes having dusts on the carpet, floors, and window panes. Usually, debris may get in the corners, ceiling, or other specific areas where a great deal of work was done. Every single one of these post-construction dust and debris must be cleared and removed in order to make your space ready for occupants.

Since multiple materials are utilized during the renovation and construction process. Our professional cleaning maids know what it takes to get rid of them to give you a tidy and functional environment.

Our highly-trained, professional cleaning specialists have eight years of experience in this industry where specialized cleaning techniques are used for thorough post-construction cleanup.

Do you want to clean up all the dust and debris from all the recent construction done?

And if you have specific instructions for the way you want your premises to be cleaned.

You may give us a heads up so that we can customize our cleaning services just the way you want to!