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"Providing House Cleaning Services for More Than 8 Years!"

Get Your Business Going While We Do Your Cleaning

Clean, Efficient, Productive. That’s how your office should be.

Start your day right with a positive mindset and an atmosphere that’s full of energy!

And because you spend most of your day working in your office, it is but proper to maintain its cleanliness so that everyone can proceed with their activities efficiently.

A tidy working space will have a notable effect on you and your colleague’s productivity. That is why it is great to know that you can count on professionals who can do the office cleaning for you.

When you have a clean workplace, it also enables your clients to have a good impression of your business. Which in turn this impression will promote a positive impact on your capability to sell your products or services.

Maid in Paradise’s professional cleaning service is specially designed to suit offices' cleaning needs with minimum interference on your business activities.

A healthy office means more business…

That is why in order for productivity to reign among your team who runs the business, your activities and flow of processes must be done without a glitch. Everybody must be efficient and inspired to get your business on top.

But if your workplace has clutter, surely you won’t be able to get good thoughts on how to go about your business. Now, you have found the ultimate solution that you’re looking for!

As Florida’s finest, Maid in Paradise offers professional cleaning services for business owners and other commercial buildings. Now you’ll have access to a healthier, brighter, and more productive space to work in.

We’ll do the job right to suit your needs so that we can help get your business noticed. Since we understand how important it is to make a mark on your clients. When they enter your business, your brand must be the one that they’ll remember. 

With our wide range of services, here’s how we can help promote your business with efficient and professional cleaning services:

  • We offer carpet cleaning service using a meticulous process where we carefully inspect, dust, vacuum, and recheck every part or corner of your carpet or rug, we’ll make it shine and feel all brand-new.
  • Our upholstery and leather cleaning services will be done by getting your well-worn sofas, chairs, couches, benches, ottomans and other sitting items. We’ll use delicate cleansers and conditioners in order to give them a fresh look that’s good enough to make them feel brand new.
  • We also do window cleaning services to help restore both your interior and exterior surfaces, using ionic soft water and carefully detailing them for a sparkling result.
  • Parking lots, driveways, facades, and other parts of your property will also be given special attention using our pressure washing services so that their beauty will get restored just like the way they originally looked

No cleaning task is too big for us, and no single detail is too small to be left unnoticed. Every corner, every floor, and every area will surely get all sparkly after we get the job done.

Now, all you have to do is contact us or GET A FREE QUOTE TODAY

in order to boost your business JUST THE WAY YOU WANT TO